The following plugins are required for correct theme importing. Click on the plugin title and download plugins:

Customizer Export/Import #

This is really essential for importing demo settings (posts, colors etc).

Elementor #

The theme is built with this plugin. It is a fundamental page builder. If you don’t install it, the theme won’t work. For themes built with Elementor Free, the free version of the plugin is enough and there is no need to purchase the license.

Elementor Header & Footer Builder #

Necessary to build the footer (and where expressly indicated also the header) of your website.
Most of my theme headers are built with the WordPress Customizer, so you don’t need this header plugin. If you don’t want the preset footer of the theme, you can build your footer yourself without this plugin.

Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA #

It is essential for a site to read under. If you don’t have it (or a similar one) on your website yet, download it to create pop-ups for accepting cookies. Do not forget to write down the following pages in detail: Privacy and Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions (the latter if you have a shop).

Envato Elements #

Necessary for the correct functioning of the layout of  individual pages.

ShopEngine #

Necessary for the correct functioning of the layout of  shop pages.

WordPress Importer #

Required to import theme layout parameters.

WPForms #

To create a contact form.


I highly recommend you to install these plugins. They are not mandatory for your theme to function properly but they can help you. It is not necessary to install all of them.

Duplicator – for backups.

Essential Addons for Elementor – to import icons and new templates.

Woocommerce – to create an online shop.

Site kit by Google – to keep track of the speed, web traffic and other parameters of your site.

Autoptimize – to optimize your website speed.

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