03. Customize pages

If you have followed step one and imported the theme correctly, all the pages and products of the live demo of the theme you have purchased should already be present in your pages with the ready-made design of the theme you have chosen. You can edit them and insert your text and images by going to:

WordPress Dashboard > Pages > select the page you want to edit.

Important: Make sure you have deactivated the Classic Editor on your WordPress site as you need the Block Editor to import my templates into the various pages. In the event that some pages that you saw in the live demo are missing from your pages or the design is not set correctly, you can easily import them with a click as follows:

  1. Go back to the entire archive of my theme you purchased and open the Pages (HTML) folder.
  2. Open the text document you want to import (eg About page you want to import into your about page).
  3. Click select all from your mouse or computer and select the entire contents of the file you have opened. Then click on “Copy”.
  4. Open the page you want to edit, click on the three dots in the top right menu> Code editor > paste here the entire content of the .txt page you copied (do not edit any code, paste the file directly as you see it) > Update or Publish> Exit Code Editor> then start customizing your elements and click Update or Publish again.

You can remove any imported live demo pages, articles and products that you don’t need.

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