Mandatory Requirements for all websites

Regardless of the type of theme you choose (Kadence, Hello, Blocksy etc) all my themes only work on websites that have the following requirements:


This means your website must have a top level domain:

etc. Themes don’t work on second level domains:

How to create a website with a top level domain?

If you already have a website and want to give its look a simple makeover, skip this step. Otherwise keep reading.

So, you can buy your domain and hosting service from one of these two websites below. My choice falls on two of these hosting used all over the world, in my opinion among the most suitable and performing to create a website or blog. So here’s my list of the best wordpress hosting:

1.SiteGround: among the most reliable and used hosting at affordable prices (the first starts at 3.95 euros per month with 24/7 assistance in each language, as I wrote to you here ). Below, I leave you the general screen of the types of Siteground offers. This is among the best hosting in Italy and in the world . For more info on this hosting service click here . [RECOMMENDED]

2.BlueHost: also cheap and fast with different subscription plans (again the first starts at $ 3.95 per month). This is one of the most used worldwide hosting for blog creation both in Italy and abroad. Support is always available, but with one limitation: it is in English. So if you know the English language or live in an English speaking country, you can safely choose this hosting. [RECOMMENDED]


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